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Sword Refurbishment


Swords are still produced using traditional methods of manufacture. Blades are forged from a single billet of high-carbon steel, before being hand ground to the final shape, hardened and tampered, then hand polished to a mirror finish. Finally, they are acid etched with the required pattern or as specified by the customer.

The hilt or guard is cast in brass or pressed in steel before being shaped, mirror polished and gold or nickel electro-plated, according to customer requirements. The grip core is carved from wood, then covered in fish-skin before being bound with gold or silver-plated wire. Each sword is assembled by a skilled craftsman.

Scabbards are made to the same exacting standards as the swords. The scabbard bodies are produced either from rawhide leather or wood covered with pig or goat-skin. A team of inspectors ensures that the quality of the sword is maintained to the fine standards expected by the British Armed Forces.

Pooley Sword can supply all British Military and Commonwealth swords.


Pooley Sword also undertake refurbishment of swords to the highest standards. Each refurbishment is different and the sword will be individually assessed before the commencement of the work.

Care of Swords

A sword is a beautiful hand-made instrument and as such should be looked after with great care. The following points are a guideline to keeping your sword in pristine condition.

  • If possible, wear gloves when handling your sword.
  • If the sword gets wet it must be dried and Vaseline applied before being replaced in the scabbard.
  • If you use your sword to cut wedding cake please ensure that you clean it immediately and apply Vaseline to the blade.
  • Do not use your sword to open champagne bottles. Your sword does not have the weight for this particular task.
  • Do not store the sword in damp conditions.
  • If your sword is to be stored for any length of time remove the washer at the top of the blade as this will attract condensation.
  • Do not store your sword in a Chamois Leather bag as this can encourage condensation and therefore rust
  • Always clean your sword after use and apply Vaseline to the blade.
  • Your sword is very precious and you may wish to pass it on to your Grandchildren, who will treasure it.


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