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Welsh Guards' Sword

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Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) Sword

Royal Artillery Officers' Sword

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Household Cavalry Life Guards' Sword

Household Cavalry Troopers' Sword

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Royal Navy Officers' Sword

Royal Navy Master at Arms' Sword

Royal Air Force Sword

Drummers' Sword

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Knights of Windsor Sword

Royal Company of Archers Officers' Sword

Royal Company of Archers' Sword

Yeoman Warders' Sword

British Military Swords

Craftsmanship, Heritage and Tradition

  • Highest quality carbon steel
  • Traditionally forged. Etched and finished
    to the highest standard in England

The leading Cutlers of swords, dirks and lances to the British Armed Forces, Commonwealth & Overseas Defence Forces

Pooley Sword are suppliers of military and ceremonial swords across the world. The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force patterns have been adopted by many other countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and throughout the Commonwealth.

In August 2005, the very distinguished sword makers Wilkinson Sword, who had been established for over two hundred years, ceased trading as sword makers.  Robert Pooley, who had been commissioning swords from Wilkinson’s for over forty years, purchased from Wilkinson’s their drawings, spares and much of their tooling, including both heavy and light machinery.  A Ryder Mechanical Hammer, which was made at the end of the 1800’s, was also amongst the machinery purchased.

Pooley Sword, formed in November 2005, has an outstanding reputation for craftsmanship. Each sword is made in England specifically for each individual by highly skilled Sword Cutlers using traditional materials and methods.  A genuine, traditional British sword.

All Pooley swords are forged from carbon steel and tested to the highest standards in the traditional way as laid down by Henry Wilkinson.  The finished sword is finally etched and finished in our workshops to the same fine standards expected by the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces.  Pooley Sword is established as the leading supplier of swords to the British Armed Forces as well as many Commonwealth and Overseas Defence Forces.

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