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In August 2005, the very distinguished sword makers Wilkinson Sword, who had been established for over two hundred years, ceased trading as sword makers. Robert Pooley, who had been commissioning swords from Wilkinson’s for over forty years, purchased from Wilkinson’s their drawings, spares and much of their tooling, including both heavy and light machinery.

Pooley Sword, formed in November 2005, has an outstanding reputation for craftsmanship. Each sword is made in England specifically for each individual by highly skilled Sword Cutlers using traditional materials and methods. A genuine, traditional British sword.

All Pooley swords are forged from carbon steel and tested to the highest standards in the traditional way, as laid down by Henry Wilkinson. The finished blade is finely etched and the sword is assembled by hand in our workshops, to the same fine standards expected by the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces. Pooley Sword is established as the leading supplier of swords to the British Armed Forces as well as many Commonwealth and Overseas Defence Forces.

Every Pooley Sword is registered by number and recorded in our archives. These archives are regularly transferred to the West Sussex Records Office, to ensure safe keeping. The legacy of Wilkinson Sword, with over 200 years of history and innovation, is held within the archive at Pooley Sword, this includes all their screen prints, production files, drawings and all their original engraved etching plates.


Pooley Sword Publishing is responsible for reproducing many of Wilkinson Sword’s publications and we are only too pleased to provide any information that may be required by a fellow sword enthusiast.

Pooley Sword is also tasked with the responsibility of the refurbishment of all Wilkinson Swords and has a fine reputation for achieving the highest of standards.


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