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Infantry Sword

Infantry Sword 1. | Pooley Sword
Infantry Sword 2. | Pooley Sword
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Our Swords / Military Swords

Infantry Sword

Last revised in 1897, the straight carbon steel blade of this sword is two-edged for the final section of its length and finely etched with the regimental crest. Formed from nickel-plated steel, the guard of the three-quarter basket hilt is pierced and etched with a scroll pattern that incorporates the royal cypher of the current sovereign.

The grip is in black fish-skin bound with silver-plated copper wire.

The Infantry Officer’s Sword can be carried in a Sam Browne leather scabbard with plated steel mouthpiece for service wear or in a nickel-plated steel scabbard for full dress occasions.

Infantry Sword + Scabbard from £1,230.00
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Royal Navy Master at Arms' Sword

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Royal Navy Officers' Sword | Pooley Sword

Royal Navy Officers' Sword

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Cavalry Officers' Sword

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