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In 1940, Captains Fairbairn and Sykes met at the offices of Wilkinson Sword to discuss and refine the design of a knife, which came to be the ultimate fighting knife of its time and the knife they designed went to three different patterns. The knife would have been carried in a rawhide leather scabbard with first a nickel but later a blackened metal chape with an elastic strap retainer and a pair of ‘tabs’; sewn to the scabbard to allow the wearer to sew the scabbard to his uniform clothing. It was never intended as a throwing knife.

The knife displayed is based on the 2nd Pattern and retains the tapering pointed blade of diamond section 7” long, with a cross guard of 2”. The grip now has a finely turned and precision machined finish and retains its perfect balance. This FS Knife is manufactured in England with the carbon steel blade being produced in Sheffield.

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Household Cavalry Troopers' Sword | Pooley Sword

Household Cavalry Troopers' Sword

Irish Guards' Sword | Pooley Sword

Irish Guards' Sword

Royal Air Force Sword | Pooley Sword

Royal Air Force Sword

Coldstream Guards' Sword | Pooley Sword

Coldstream Guards' Sword


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