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Brown Leather Ribbon Knot

Brown Leather Ribbon Knot 1. | Pooley Sword

Accessories / Sword Knots

Brown Leather Ribbon Knot

The sword knot, decorative as it can often be, is actually an essential accessory to the fighting weapon.

The “knot” is in fact a loop of leather or other material secured to the sword hilt.

Before an engagement the swordsman wraps the loop around his wrist to prevent loss of the sword should he need to relax his grip (to control his horse, for example) or if the weapon is struck from his grasp. From these utilitarian origins, the sword knot has gradually evolved into its ornamental and distinctive form of today.

Sword knots are of two main types. For active service wear, the knot is a plain or plaited buff leather strap. Full dress versions are much more elaborate creations of gold or silver cord and tassels in patterns unique to each regiment or unit.

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Gold Corded Knot | Pooley Sword

Gold Corded Knot

Black Leather Ribbon Knot | Pooley Sword

Black Leather Ribbon Knot

Gold and Red Ribbon Knot | Pooley Sword

Gold and Red Ribbon Knot

General Officers Corded Knot | Pooley Sword

General Officers Corded Knot

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