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Highland Broadsword


Highland Broadsword

Highland Broadsword

Highland Broadsword

    Also known as the Highland Officer's Sword, this 1831 pattern is a two-edged cut and thrust sword with a full nickelplated steel basket guard.

    With its origins in the traditional weaponry of Highland clansmen, the two highly distinctive features of this hilt are its lining and fringe. The lining is made of white buckskin covered on the outside with red superfine and its edges bound with blue silk ribbon. The fringe, of red silk bound with red ribbon, ties around the pommel and drapes across the front of the basket.

    There are two scabbard options:

    • nickel-plated steel scabbards with suspension rings,
    • leather covered wood with Sam Browne fittings.

    Form Versus Function

    Scottish Highland Regiments have long been distinguished by the elaborately designed and embellished basket guards of their swords, and they remain regulation full dress wear to this day.

    But the basket guard, while affording good protection to the swordsman, restricted movement of the hand and wrist. It was later made removable so that it could be replaced with a plain cross-guard – which in turn provided maximum freedom of movement at the expense of protection.

    The cross-hilted version is no longer the regulation pattern, however, and is not supplied with this sword.


    • The Royal Regiment of Scotland
    • The London Scottish


    • Blade length: 32 1⁄2 inches
    • Blade width at hilt: 1 1⁄8 inch

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